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  • How much honey is needed for a kilo of wax?

    The wax is produced by the wax glands of the bee Natural wax is a mixture of at least 300 organic ingredients. We use it for ointments, cosmetics, decorations and for the preservation of works of art.

  • How many bees live in the hive?

    IA hive can have 20 to 40,000 bees. Among them are Workers, some Drones and of course the queen Bee. A Drone is a male Bee. The Queen is the mother of the entire population and the only perfect Bee. Worker Bees make up the majority of the population in the hive and their purpose is to perform all the work necessary so that the honey reaches your jar.

  • Did you know that bees dance ?

    Bees communicate with each other in a very strange way. In what we call the "Bee dance". With the honeycomb as the dance floor and the other worker bees as spectators, they begin their performance in order to give directions and signs to their fellow bees for where to go foraging or where they can find their new nest.

  • Do you know the most important Job Bees have?

    Pollination, the fertilization of the flower to become fruit, is the most valuable commodity that Bees offer humans and the environment as a whole. Without pollination, the food that ends up on our plates would be much less, as 1/3 of crops rely on pollination in order to grow. The Bee's contribution to both the environment and humans is limitless!

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