• How much honey is needed for a kilo of wax?

    The wax is produced by the wax glands of the bee. Natural wax is a mixture of at least 300 organic ingredients. We use it for ointments, cosmetics, decorations and for the preservation of works of art

  • How many bees live in the hive?

    In a hive live from 20 to 40,000 bees. Among them are the workers, some drones and of course the queen. The drone is the male person in the hive and the queen is the mother of the whole population and the only perfect person. Workers make up the majority of the population and their purpose is...

  • Did you know that bees dance

    Bees communicate with each other in a very strange way. With what we call "bee dance". With the honeycomb track and spectators the other worker bees, their show begins in order to give direction and points to their colleagues for collecting food or for the places where they can find their new...

  • Do you know the most important product of the bee?

    Pollination, that is, the fertilization of the flower to become a fruit, is the most valuable asset that bees offer to humans and the environment. Without pollination, the food that ends up on our plate would be much less, as 1/3 of the crops are based on it. The supply of bees to both the natural environment and humans is not limited to..

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