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The Family has been looking after Bees since 1988, with a sense of respect for nature and tradition.
On this daily journey of knowledge we receive from the Bee Society, we continuously rediscover the truth in regards to: nature, life and ourselves. The love we receive from Giving.

The rich biodiversity of the Greek landscape and the nomadic beekeeping traditions we follow guarantee the quality, and taste of our products. We locate the bee colonies at mountainous and semi-mountainous areas far from cultivations. Thus the products produced are pure. By using this technique, we share with you a taste of Greece!
From the mountainside of Mount Olympus to the shores of the islands of the Ionian Sea.

All our products come from our Bee Farm without any form of processing. The products are from the Bee-hive to your home. We just add our know-how, the label, and our love to accompany the honey to your table!

We offer Pure, Natural products that maintain their medicinal, naturally beneficial properties as Bee Products and much, much more!


Try them out and share them with your own people.

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