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Our family has been caring for bees since 1988 with respect for nature and tradition.
In this daily journey of knowledge offered to us by the bee society, we are constantly discovering the truth of nature, life and our own. That is, love, through offer.

The rich flora of Greece and the nomadic beekeeping that we apply, are a guarantee for the quality and taste of our products. We choose semi-mountainous and mountainous areas away from crops, so that they remain pure. So we wanted to share with you these flavors that accompany us on our every trip throughout Greece,
from the slopes of Olympus to the shores of the Ionian Islands.

All our products come from our beekeeping farm, without any processing, thus ensuring quality all the way, from the hive to your home. So we decided to put them label,
know-how and love to accompany them until they reach your table.

We offer them to you pure and natural, by keeping beneficial
and medicinal properties of bee goods and not only.

Try them out and share them with your own people.

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