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Honey with whole tahini & cocoa



A Superfood from our family to yours, with love!

100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, no sugar added.

Chocolate! The “magic” word for young and old… We just added our honey, wholegrain tahini and the chocolate became absolutely healthy and guilt-free! A delicious combination that we can benefit from! A mixture rich in Ω3 & Omega 6, fatty acids. Omega 6, helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) cocoa contributes to weight loss, metabolic alertness and mental health while also having antioxidant activity.


Our Purpose is to save the Bees!

The techniques we use in producing our products, by no means harms the bees. We take every precaution possible to provide them with the best care we can. To this end a substantial amount of honey is not harvested so that it stays in the beehives where it belongs!


Try it with a fresh fruit salad, with yogurt, with a hot tea, on your pancakes, with crispy donuts, in sourdough bread. You can even combine it with a glass of milk, with energy smoothies, in fluffy cakes & delicious cookies, otherwise with the spoon!

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