What should you do to maintain the honey’s properties?

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The first and most important thing to do is to buy honey, natural, pure and unprocessed (from a Greek producer you know and not imported from the beloved Argentina and Bulgaria). In order to be able to take advantage of its beneficial properties and to keep its taste and organoleptic characteristics unaltered, one must follow the rules below:

  • Do not keep honey in the sunlight. The light destroys many of them honey’s enzymes. Based on this knowledge we created our label which covers the entire vase.
  • Keep containers that store honey tight shut. It easily absorbs the external bad odors, so its fragrance is destroyed. Avoid putting it in the same cabinet with herbs. Also, honey absorbs water easily, even when there are very small quantities in the atmosphere (excessive water in honey – over 20-23% – will allow the growth of yeast that will start kneading).
  • Do not heat honey before swallowing while stirring it with any other food, liquid or solid (eg hot tea, hot milk, etc.). The warming, as we may already know, destroys most of the honey’s enzymes. In case of crystallization, in order to heat it, do not exceed 40 ° C.
  • It should not be stored in metallic or plastic containers, unsuitable for food (the best storage temperature is around 10 ° C and generally cool environment).



With love for the man and the environment.

Alabasini Christina

Beekeeper, agriculturist of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki