Do you know the most important product of a bee?

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The pollination, which is the fertilization of the blossom in order to become a flower, is the most valuable good bees have to offer to man and the environment. . Without pollination, the food that ends up as our meal would be much less because 1/3 of the crop depends on it.

The bee’s contribution, not only to the environment but also to man, is not limited exclusively to her products. Blossoms offer nectar and pollen to bees and bees on their part make sure the perpetuation of plants. It is a mutual, beneficial relationship which is a cornerstone for preserving the balance of ecosystems. Bees act as coordinators of the flora, as it pollinates more than 200,000 species of the plant kingdom. Pollination is undoubtedly the most important product of this impressive insect called bee, in which it owes the fertilization of the plants. It is the bee’s main contribution to both ecosystems and global agriculture.

The benefit that man has of this activity cannot be accurately calculated. It is reported, however, that pollination is about 150 times the value of honey and wax produced by the bee. Taking into account the priceless bee’s contribution to society, we feel the need, through the utilization of its overall activity, to serve, cherish and respect it. If the bee starts to disappear, consider the chaos it will cause in the ecosystem cycle.


With love for the man and the environment.