Did you know that bees dance?

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Bees communicate with each other in a very strange way, with what we call “bee dancing”. With the honeycomb as a dance floor and the other beehive workers as viewers, their show begins, with the aim of giving direction and points to their colleagues for food collection or points that can find their new nest.

There are two types of dance: Circular dance explains to bees that they need to look within 100 meters of the hive for food. The information provided this way relates to the distance, the smell of the flower, the percentage of sugars or the amount of pollen, but not the location, relative to the position of the sun, which is made known by mixed dance. Eighth or mixed dance means they have to go more than 100 meters. The bee carries a series of eight marks on the honeycomb. She first carries out, in a pulsing motion, a straight, shivering her belly and then carves a semicircle on each side of the line. The straight line shows the direction they should take and the number of cycles corresponds to the distance. The faster the rhythm the closer the goal is, while the slower it is the farther the food is from the hive. The frequency of circular movements is inversely proportional to the distance.

A bee gives all this information inside the darkness of the hive. Some bees maintain close contact with her, with their antennas, and faithfully replicate her movements. From the smell that emits her coat they understand what kind of flower they will visit. The perfect sensation of gravity and the coordination of all the senses required to determine the direction of the target-food are not observed in other animals. Another ability of the bee is that its eye can analyze the light of the celestial dome and thus determine the location of the sun, even when it is hidden from the clouds.